The New Order

Devonshire Square brings the WeWork revolution to the City. Work has changed, forever. Today we need spaces that reflect, nurture and leverage that change. The Devonshire Square Campus brings the WeWork revolution to the city and takes it one step further. An inspiring business destination for work, play and wellness in beautifully renovated warehouses surrounding central courtyards, formerly home to former East India Company, creating a forward-thinking ecosystem within the city.


WeWork Devonshire Square - a new global economy in one location. Come and experience it. Come and be a part of it.


Devonshire Square plays home to businesses of every type and size, all with one thing in common: an aversion to inflexible, outdated ways of doing business, and an enthusiasm for environments that work the way they want them to. Ones without 15-year strings attached; ones adapted precisely to their needs; ones that grow at pace with their ambitions. Environments, in short, that map perfectly the needs of their people, their clients, and their work.


Work Better, Together

We achieve more—by working more creatively, more productively, more consciously—when we come together.

When it’s possible to call on each other’s knowledge, draw on each other’s skills and combine best ideas, our productivity—real, value-adding productivity—goes through the roof.

The spaces we live and work in need to more directly answer our needs than ever before. When the space you’re in is the very thing aiding collaboration and fostering a sense of community, that’s when out-of-this-world ideas, innovative free-flowing creativity, and meaningful progression happen.

Flexible Space

WeWork Devonshire Square: for tomorrow’s business, today.

Infinitely flexible, totally scalable, unbeatably functional space, with low capital outlay, no long term commitments, and fully predictable costs.


Supportive Facilities

Devonshire Square contains everything WeWork has learned about supporting and encouraging community, collaboration, creativity - as well as heightening productivity.

Real productivity demands space that´s as flexible as the people who use it. Both 8 Devonshire Square and 10 Devonshire Square offer private offices, collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, and spacious common areas; catering to teams of two to 200+.

The Location

Devonshire Square is located in the centre of London's beating heart: on the northeast boundary of The City of London and right next to Shoreditch, happening home of hipsters and street art.

This prime location, right next to Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street station, is as lively as it is accessible, with great restaurants, traditional pubs, a wide range of shops and markets, and excellent transport across London and beyond.